Prada brand history

The history of PRADA must be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the traffic between the Americas and Europe was frequent, so the founder Mario Prada decided to produce a series of leather goods for travel. In an era when transport is not yet convenient, Mario insists on importing sterling silver from Britain replica prada sunglasses, importing the best fish skin from China, transporting crystals from Bohemia, and even handing over the leather goods designed by oneself to Germany, which has always been prada sunglasses replica known for its quality. PRADA has always been the pursuit of perfect brand spirit.
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In 1978, Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada began to take over the family business. Miuccia grew up in an affluent environment. Although he was not a Keban student, he was constrained by his family since he was a child. He is no stranger to the fashion industry. But she was not mentally prepared when she was asked to take over PRADA. Until 1987, Miuccia Prada met Patrizio Bertelli at a trade show, fell in love at first sight, and finally became a partner in life, and opened a new chapter in PRADA. The sharp perception of women and the clear logical thinking of men complement each other and push PRADA to the forefront of the times.

Miuccia’s design is always anti-trend avant-garde, good at finding inspiration from memory, and always runs through the starting point of thinking from the self, making her design can always stand out. Whether it is a high-fashionable sportswear series, 70s student and flight attendant style “fashion ABC” series, or a clean and simple CLINICAL style in the early 1990s, Miuccia presents a sensual and cute design through addition and subtraction of traditional elements. Style. Just one brand design is not enough to release Miuccia’s talent and ambition. In 1992, she launched MIU MIU, named after her own nickname, to discover the deeper qualities of women in fake prada sunglasses more self-conscious space.
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In the PRADA series, leather goods are most pleasing. In the past two years, in addition to the classic nylon bags, PRADA has also been vigorously developing some popular styles, such as small shopping bags, its colorful colors, easy maintenance canvas material, detonated another wave of bags. Many industry masters are admiring PRADA handbags. Donna Karen is a follower of the black nylon collection. PRADA’s shoes are also often used as a trend indicator for footwear. For example, square gimmicks, wedge-type heels, and metal-colored doll shoes…are the wave of PRADA.